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Q. Do I need to bring a waterproof jacket, even in the summer?

A waterproof jacket is essential at all times, and it is adviseable that you bring waterproof overtrousers as well. The weather can change very suddenly in the mountains and having the correct clothing will ensure that you, and other members of the group are not put at risk in an emergency. Please refer to my website for recommended equipment.

Q. Can I wear trainers?

Boots or good walking shoes with vibram soles are recommended for your safety. Trainers are not recommended on rough terrain because they do not protect feet and ankles but could be worn on low level walks if the conditions are dry.

Q. I've heard that the weather can change very quickly in the mountains. Will we be safe?

Before the walk a weather forecast will be obtained and the walk may be modified to suit. If the weather changes during the walk your group leader will decide whether to find shelter or shorten the walk if at all possible.

Q. Am I safe walking on my own?

There are several reasons why someone should use the services of a walking guide, such as safety, ability, and confidence. If you prefer not to use a guide please make sure you are competent with a map and compass.

Q. Can I come on one of your walks if I suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure high cholesterol or take medication for other reasons?

Walking is great exercise and helps improve your fitness. There are many medical conditions where walking would be beneficial but if in doubt consult your GP first. Always bring your medication with you and ensure that your guide is aware of your medical condition.

Q. Do I need to take food and drink on the walk as I do not normally eat at lunchtime?

It is essential to take a drink to keep you hydrated. If the weather is hot, or you are walking long distances you will need at least a litre of water. If the weather is cold, a hot drink can be beneficial. You need to bring some food as a source of energy if only for an emergency. High energy foods include bananas, cereal bars, fruit cake, nuts and dried apricots.

Q. Is it safe to drink water from the lakes and streams in the mountains?

Animals have access to lakes and streams in the mountains, so it is advisable not to drink the water unless it has been purified.

Q. Where do I go to the toilet?

Most people will find a discrete area to do what's natural. Take all tissue home and bury any solids. Always avoid polluting streams or watercourses.

Q. Is my mobile phone going to work in the mountains?

There are many areas in the Lake District where you will not get a signal for your mobile phone. You should never rely on just your mobile phone in the mountains.



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